Wedding Planner Services

What’s the secret to a wedding where people get hitched without a hitch? Hiring a wedding coordinator, of course. Contact Six-Grand Events today to learn more about what we offer, our rates, and more. Also, continue reading to discover why you just shouldn’t tie the knot without getting a professional to handle things.

Focus on the Fun Parts of Wedding Preparation

There are many rewarding things about planning a wedding day, but logistics such as contacting venues, coordinating catering deliveries, and discussing sound equipment concerns with special event D.J.s tend to overshadow them. Yes, it’s true wedding preparation necessities aren’t always extremely exciting, but they’re all crucial. When you hire one of our specialists from Six-Grand Events, we’ll put our expertise to work for you and handle things on your behalf, so you can concentrate on other parts of your big day.

We’ll Let You Know What Unique Wedding Ideas Works Well

Some engaged couples have ideas about their weddings that aren’t terribly realistic, but they’re full of imagination. We’ll listen to your ideas and give honest feedback about whether they’re feasible as they are or need some tweaking. That way, you can stay on track  or under your budget, instead of potentially choosing ideas that just aren’t suitable for your venue, event size, or guest list.

We have years of experience helping people  plan their weddings. We’ll rely on that knowledge when planning your big day, too. Whether you want to have a wedding unique from all the people in your family or prefer a very quiet, low-key gathering, we will take your ideas into account and let you know how to best bring them to life

Stress Less and Stay In Control of Your Wedding Checklist

Even the most levelheaded couples tend to feel a bit nervous as their nuptials get closer. We know there are dozens of things to think about. From the number of people on your guest list to how the wedding invitations look, these specifics need attention. Sometimes you just need a helping hand to accomplish everything and not feel overwhelmed. When that’s the case, contact us at Six-Grand Events. Let us help take some of the pressure off you to by getting you set up with a competent wedding organizer.

Don’t Forget Essential Things like Wedding Invitations

Your wedding day is probably something you’ve thought about for years and maybe even decades. Because it is such a highly anticipated event, you may feel mentally frazzled while planning. That’s why we advocate for methodically creating lists of everything to accomplish before the big day. A wedding checklist prevents you from forgetting major things and gives a welcome sense of accomplishment.

Because we have planned so many weddings before, you can rest assured we’ll get great results with yours. In fact, we’ll think of things that didn’t even cross your mind. Put our knowledge to the test and let us help your wedding go well.

A Smart Investment for Your Wedding

You spend money on everything from books about wedding theme ideas to hiring a florist. Make another good investment and contact Six-Grand Events to get assistance for your wedding.